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About Us


It takes time to build things that last but it's worth it!

Heritage craftsman is on a mission to build things that are worth keeping; things worth passing on.  All we have: health, resources, ideas, relationships and dare we say faith are the product of someone else's investment. Our goal is to use all that has been entrusted to us and share it with others that their lives may become fuller. 

Wood is our primary palate for expression but the true art  just might be who we become as humans. We believe that is worth passing on. A heritage we craft to pass on to others.  Not cheap, not disposable, at times costly, but so worth it!

Who are you?

Today the Heritage Craftsman is Jason Hatton and Jason Hatton is the Heritage Craftsman.  

Jason has been building custom furniture, home accessories and interior finish work for about 22 years.  He grew up on the border in South Texas and received the love for creating from his parents.  As often is the case, his hobby turned into a business and Heritage Home Accents was created.  They specialized in custom mesquite doors and furniture.  Many people don't know what a mesquite tree even looks like.  They think it is only used for BBQ.  But this scrubby little tree produces some incredible figured wood that is quite surprising.  Taking this unassuming material that is overlooked or rejected because of stature or reputation, Jason helped build a community of artisans that fell in love with the twisted tree and the products that could come from it.  

Finding beauty in the outcast, the rejected or the used up often creates the most inspiring story.  It takes time, it might be difficult and it's almost never easy but the end result is worth it

The Heritage Craftsman was started in 2015 as an enterprise to find and share that beauty with others once again.  Our online market place is filled with current offerings that are available in our inventory.  

We welcome custom work as well so if you have an idea or dream that you would like to create please contact us!

Where can you find us?

The shop is located at 6738 West 153rd street in Overland Park, KS

We don't mind visits but sometimes the equipment is running or the craftsman is away, so it is best to call and make an appointment to make sure we are available for you!

Contact us at 913-954-8283.

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