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Heritage Craftsman T-shirt

$ 25.00

These Heritage Craftsman tri-blend t-shirts proudly boast the Heritage Craftsman brand!

This brand is more than a business name.  It's an build something worth passing on, and a challenge...... that leaving a legacy takes intentional time and hard work.  The results are worth it.  We hope that's true of the products we build and the life story we share.

These T-shirts do help promote our business, but they can also be a reminder that YOU can be a Heritage Craftsman. You can have an impact on someone's life by humbly sharing the life and skills you've learned along the way.  

If you wear this shirt you may even feel like a super hero. (disclaimer: super hero status not guaranteed, cape not included, but it is our opinion that you will look good)

Support the movement and the mission that builds heritage for both craftsmen and clients.

All that in a T-shirt!

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