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We know how frustrating it is to spend hard earned money on furniture and home goods that end up in the trash, out on the curb or in the landfill. That's actually what motivated us to become craftsmen in the first place.  For over 20 years we have been helping our clients win the fight against a disposable society that settles for poor quality by providing them with craftsmanship that lasts for generations.  

We make the process easy, whether you:

What you will find are products made with real wood, using time honored designs and joinery. Our pieces are built by human hands that have a passion and calling for what they do.  We invite you into the experience of seeing a custom wood creation go from concept to completion. You can actually know your craftsman; in fact we would be honored to meet you.  Let The Heritage Craftsman, LLC  be your guide for products that are built to last and meant to pass down for generations!

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Heritage Craftsman T-shirt

$ 25.00
These Heritage Craftsman tri-blend t-shirts proudly boast the Heritage Craftsman brand! This brand is more than a business name.  It's an build something worth passing on, and a challenge...... that leaving a legacy takes intentional time and hard work.  The results are worth it.  We hope that's true of the...

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